William Ramey

William  Ramey— October 24, 1842-May 22, 1926

Also Known As: Bill Ramey

Born: Lawrence County, Kentucky

Father: Thadeus Remy  Mother:  Zeany Caldwell

Married: Frances Cordia/Cordle; Fanny Hayes; Mary Cordle


Franklin Remy  Samuel Ramey  John H. Ramey 

Mary Jane Ramey  Susan Ramey  Perry Ramey


Lucy J. Ramey  Jane Ramey  Malinda Ellen Ramey  Hansford Jerry Ramey

William Russell Ramey  Lidda Belle Ramey  Elizabeth Ramey  Jesse Ramey 

Carrie Ramey  James Isaac Ramey

Lived in Lawrence County Kentucky.

Occupation: Farmer.

Buried: Ramey Branch, Lawrence County Kentucky.


1860 US Census  1870 US Census  1880 US Census  1910 US Census

Death Certificate

Notes: *The birth mother of all children was Frances.

There are possibly four different William Rameys that served in the Civil War. I have not confirmed which, if any of these men are this particular William Ramey or if any of them are the same William Ramey serving in different regiments at different times:

  • William Ramey; Private; 16th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry; Union Army; dates unknown.
  • William Ramey; Private; 3rd Cavalry Battalion; Confederate Army; Enlisted September 25, 1862 Transferred out November 30, 1862.
  • William Ramey; Private; 26th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry; Union Army; Enlisted September 27, 1864-Discharged June 30, 1865 at Salisbury, NC.
  • William Ramey; Private; 55th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry; Union Army; Enlisted February 15, 1865-Deserted on April 13, 1865.

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