Thadeus Remy

Thadeus Remy— January 2, 1815-July 13, 1890

Also Known As: Thadeus Ramey

Born: Floyd County, Kentucky

Father: Possibly Thomas Puckett  Mother:  Mary Remy

Married: Zeany Caldwell; Diana McDowell circa 1847


Owen Remy

Children (Zeany Calwell)

Franklin Remy  Samuel Ramey  John H. Ramey 

Mary Jane Ramey  Susan Ramey William Ramey  Perry Ramey


Children (Diana McDowell)

Owen Ramey  Rebecca Ramey  Servilla Ramey  Daniel Ramey  Piety Ramey

Benjamin Ramey  George Ramey  Kizzie Belle Ramey  Lucinda Ramey 

Eleazor Sherman Ramey


Lived in Floyd County Kentucky; Lawrence County Kentucky.

Occupation: Farmer.

Buried: Route 201 South of Tarkiln, Kentucky near Wells Cemetery.


1850 US Census  1860 US Census  1870 US Census  1880 US Census


3 thoughts on “Thadeus Remy

  1. I have been to Thadeus Rameys’ grave. I could send a picture of his grave stone if you like. You can also find it on under the Thompson Family Tree.
    Johnny Thompson

  2. We are trying to find the parents of Diannah McDowell Ramey who was married to Thaddeus Ramey. Do you have any information? If you could send a picture of Thaddeus Ramey’s gravestone, I would appreciate it. Thank you

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