Silas Henry Carey

Silas Henry Carey– December 23, 1909-August 6, 1992

Silas Carey, ca. 1910 cropped image Silas Carey, ca. 1925 close up Silas Carey, ca. 1940?

Born: Amity Township, Madison County, Ohio

Father: Ray (Raymond) Carey Mother: Ola Mae Eastman

Married: Eunice V. Huston


Charles Henry CareyDonna Jean Carey –  Richard Douglas Carey


Charles William Carey –  Benjamin L. Carey

Lived in Norwich Township Franklin County Ohio circa 1910; Perry Township Franklin County Ohio circa 1920; Columbus Ohio circa

Occupation: Bus Driver.



1910 US Census 1920 US Census

Additional Sources

Social Security Death Index.

Ohio. Division of Vital Statistics. Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002.

Notes: 1920 US Census lists name as Silas Curry.

Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002 mistakenly notes birth county as Knox, possibly in confusion with Amity in Knox County and Amity township in Madison County.

One thought on “Silas Henry Carey

  1. Roderick Huston, Rodney Huston, and Barbara Huston are missing under children of Alice Collins and siblings of Eunice Huston.

    Charles, Donna, and Richard are cousins to Roderick’s children listed below.

    My dad was Roderick “Rocky” J. Huston born Ohio Nov. 9, 1934 and died of lung caner Oct. 2, 1989 (Rodney’s twin, son of Alice Collins and Otto Huston) he retired from the Army in 1975 and became a resident of San Antonio, TX. I would like to know how we can link info about him and his children. He Married Annick T. Jeannel born Paris, France February 6, 1935, they had 9 children: Roderick J. Huston Jr. (he was born Daniel George, but later wanted to be Roderick so my parents had his name changed), Elisa Jean Huston, Sabina Alice Huston (after Rocky’s Mom Alice Collins-Huston and Annick’s mom Alice Monard-Jeannel), Cecilia R. Huston, Regina H. Huston (God brought her home Nov. 9, 2005, my dad’d birthday, age 42 car accident), Remy J. Huston, Corinna R. Huston, Angelica M. Huston, and Melinda M. Huston.

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