Silas Carey (1888-1959)

Silas Carey — January 25, 1888-February 18, 1959

Born: Madison County, Ohio.

Father: Charles Wadsworth Carey/Cary Mother: Mary Latham

Married: Ethel Holmes


Howard H. CareyMary Ida CareyLillian Carey –  Martha May CareyPaul CareyWilbur Clark CareyFrank Edward CareyClarence CareyNorma CareyDorothy CareyHarold Boyd Carey –  Vera Belle CareyJanet Lee CareyVerna Marie Carey


Ray Carey

Lived in Amity Township Madison County circa 1888; Norwich Township Franklin County Ohio circa 1900-1910, 1930; Perry Township Franklin County Ohio circa 1920-; Franklin County Ohio circa 1959.

Occupation: Farm Laborer; Restaurant Operator.



1900 US Census1910 US Census1920 US Census1930 US Census

World War I Draft Registration CardWorld War II Draft Registration Card

Additional Sources

Ohio Department of Health. Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002.

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