Robert Dow

Robert Dow— February 27, 1881-October 17, 1943

Born: Putnam County, Ohio

Father:Abraham Dow Mother: Sarah Noe

Married: Mary Agnus Doyle


Sarah Catherine Dow –  Helen Ann Dow – Doloris Fay Dow –  Robert Dow


Lorenzo Dow  –  Edward Dow  –  Frank Dow  –  Alburt Dow  –  Ida Dow  –  Nellie Dow  –  Robert Dow

Lived in Columbus, Ohio

Occupation: Laborer-Brick Yard; Yard Foreman-Oil Cloth Factory

Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.


1880 US Census1900 US Census1920 US Census

WWI Draft Registration Card –  WWII Draft Registration Card

Death Certificate

3 thoughts on “Robert Dow

  1. This is fantastic. You should pick all of your aunt’s and uncle’s brains about what they know about thier family. Helen’s Daughter knows a lot about the family and has pictures. She contacted me and we talked a little. She would be a perfect person to talk with. I love this. I wish it went into more detail with more pictures. I studied the one with Grandpa Ramey as a small boy, Uncle David really looks like he did. I think my mother looks a lot like grandmother!!

  2. Hello,
    My mother was Helen Ann Dow. what a great site, I too am interested in our family history. My mother was Catherine’s youngest sister. My mother was raised by the Doyle’s. I have information on them and pictures of the Doyles. Please contact me.

  3. Lorenzo Dow was my great grandfather. My grandmother was Margherita Dow. I would be very interested to learn more about the geneology of Abraham Dow, my great great grandfather. I have one picture of my grandmother and her mother, Rose A Rocco Dow which I treasure. But I haven’t been able to find out much about her either (Rose A Rocco). Any insight?

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