Pine Mountain, Georgia; June 9-14, 1864

Pine Mountain, GA.,
June 9-14, 1864.

Army of the Cumberland.

Pine Mountain, sometimes called Pine Hill and Pine knob, is
about 3 Miles northwest of Kennesaw mountain. It was near the
center of the Confederate Line After Gen. Johnston Fell Back
from his position at Dallas and New Hope Church, and was
occupied by Bate’s division of Hardee’s corps.

On the 9th Gen. Thomas Began closing up his lines on the
mountain and for the next three days there was almost constant
skirmishing. On the morning of the 14th Thomas pushed Palmer’s
Corps and the left of Howard’s into the re-entrant angle
between Pine mountain and the Confederate works farther East.

Hardee, Fearing that Bate was about to be cut off, asked Gens.
Johnston and Polk to go with him to reconnoiter the position.
The Federal batteries had been ordered to open fire on any
parties that might be seen on the heights overlooking the Union
camps, and when the three Confederate generals were discovered
on the summit of Pine mountain the 5th Ind. Battery Began
Shelling them.

The second shot from one of the rifled guns killed Gen. Polk,
and Johnston, finding the position too exposed, ordered Bate to
withdraw, the movement being executed the following night under
cover of darkness.

Source: The Union Army, Vol.,6 p.,692

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