Philadephia, Tenn; Oct 20-22, 1863

Oct. 20TH-22ND, 1863

Philadelphia, Tenn., Oct. 20-22, 1863. Col. Frank
Wolford’s Unattached Cavalry Brigade. At 10 a.m. on the 20th
Wolford Learned that between 1,200 and 1,500 Confederates had
attacked the wagon train of his brigade 6 Miles from
Philadelphia, and immediately sent the 1st and 11th Ky.
cavalry to its assistance. These two regiments got in the
enemy’s rear and were cut off. Another body of the enemy
approached from Sweet Water and with the rest of his men,
about 700, Wolford attacked and drove them back several times.
Owing to the enemy’s Superior Numbers Wolford was finally
obliged to fall back, abandoning his 6 pieces of artillery.
During the following two days the Confederates were again
driven out of and beyond Philadelphia. The Federal loss, all
of which occurred on the 20th, was 7 killed, 25 wounded and
447 captured.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 6

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