Monticello, Kentucky; June 9, 1863

June 9, 1863.

Monticello, KY., June 9, 1863. Detachments of 2nd and 7th
Ohio Cavalry, 45th Ohio Mounted Infantry, Law’s Battery and 2nd
Tennessee Mounted Infantry. This Command Under Col. August V.
Kautz advanced on Monticello on the morning of the 9th. Four
or 5 Miles beyond West’s, whence the Confederate pickets had
been driven some time before, the enemy was encountered drawn
up in line of battle. The battery was brought into action and
after a few rounds the Confederates were dispersed and pursued,
leaving 2 dead and 10 wounded on the field. Some 20 prisoners
were captured by the Federals, whose loss was 3 wounded. Be-
tween 4 and 5 P. M., After Kautz had left the town and had
fallen back some distance, the rear-guard was attacked by an
overpowering force of the enemy. A portion of the 2nd Tenn.
was sent to reinforce it and found it retiring in some disor-
der. The reinforcements drove the enemy back through timber
half a mile, where he rallied behind A Stone Wall, and in turn
compelled the Federals to fall back out of range. An attack
was then made by the reinforced Confederates, but it was re-
pulsed by another detachment of the 2nd Tenn. and a portion of
the 7th Ohio. Darkness put an end to the fighting. The total
loss of Kautz’s force was 7 killed, 34 wounded and 6 missing.
The enemy’s loss was not ascertained, but 5 of their dead, 5
wounded and 16 prisoners fell into Federal hands.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 6

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