Mary Lou Mosher (1935-2005)

Mary Lou Mosher — June 11, 1935 – February 4, 2005

Also Known As: Mary Lou Esty, Mary Lou Snyder

Father: John Esty Mother: Flora Cary

Born:  Columbus, Ohio

Married: John Snyder;  Bryant Mosher


Rhonda Jean Snyder –  Rebecca A. Snyder

Regina S. Snyder  –  Paul E. Snyder


Ralph Bernard Esty –  Paul William Esty –  John Esty

Lived in Columbus Ohio circa 1935; Dublin Ohio circa 1990, 1993, 2005

Occupation: Industrial Nurse; Emergency Medical Technician

Buried: Marengo Cemetery, Marengo Ohio.

Additional Sources

Obituary. Mary L. Mosher. Mount Vernon News (Ohio), February 7, 2005

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Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007

Social Security Death Index

U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1

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