Lovejoy’s Station, Georgia; September 2-5, 1864

Lovejoy’s Station, GA.,
Sept. 2-5, 1864.

4th and 23d Army Corps, and Army of the Tennessee.

Hardee evacuated his position at Jonesboro on the night of the
1st and fell back to Lovejoy’s Station, about 6 Miles farther
south, where he threw up breastworks and made a stand. On the
morning of the 2nd he was pursued by the 4th corps, commanded
by Maj.-Gen. David S. Stanley, the Army of the Tennesse, Under
Maj.Gen. O. O. Howard, and the Army of the Ohio (the 23d
Corps), Under Maj.-Gen. John M. Schofield. Davis’ Corps of the
Army of the Cumberland was left at Jonesboro to bury the dead
and collect the captured property.

About noon a line of battle was formed, Howard’s skirmishers
drove the enemy from a height on the left of his works, after
which the whole line advanced close up to the Confederate
breastworks, which were nearly completed.

Part of Stanley’s troops gained and carried a part of the
enemy’s intrenchments, but for lack of adequate support was
compelled to retire. That night information reached the Union
armies that Atlanta had been surrendered to Gen. Slocum, and on
the 3d Sherman issued orders for all the different commands to
return to the city and vicinity.

Skirmishing continued about Lovejoy’s Station until the 5th,
when the Federal troops were withdrawn and went into camp near
the city.

Source: The Union Army, Vol.,6 p.,574

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