Lillian Carey (ca. 1911- )

Lillian Carey — Circa 1911-?

Born: Madison County, Ohio.

Father: Silas Carey Mother: Ethel Holmes

Married: Unknown




Howard H. CareyMary Ida Carey –  Martha May Carey

Paul CareyWilbur Clark CareyFrank Edward Carey

Clarence CareyNorma CareyDorothy Carey

Harold Boyd Carey –  Vera Belle CareyJanet Lee CareyVerna Marie Carey

Lived in




1920 US Census1930 US Census

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2 thoughts on “Lillian Carey (ca. 1911- )

  1. I have had trouble finding info on Lillan but thanks to your question, I did find that she married Elam Carter on June 17, 1937. Are you a relation?

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