Joseph Eastman

Joseph Eastman– September 1724-September 2, 1802

Born: New Jersey

FatherPeter Eastman  Mother: Mehitable Root

Married: Phebe Hendricks, 1746     


Hezekiah Eastman  Nathaniel Eastman  Joseph Eastman  John Eastman  Peter Eastman  Abraham Dayton Eastman  Experience Eastman  Phebe Eastman


Peter Eastman  Mary Eastman  Peter Eastman  William Eastman  Hezekiah Eastman  Benjamin Eastman  Azariah Eastman  Mehitable Eastman

Lived in New Jersey circa 1724, New Fairfield, Connecticut circa 1745-1761; Kingsbury, Washington County, New York circa 1788; Paris, Oneida County New York circa 1798; Marshall, New York circa 1799-1802.

Occupation: Unknown

Buried: Unknown



1790 US Census  1800 US Census

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