John James DeCicco

John James DeCicco– October 15, 1917-September 13, 1999

Born: Massachusetts

Father: Vincenzo DeCicco  Mother: Rosanna DeCicco

Married: Yvonne M. Landry


Michael J. DeCicco



Patsy DeCicco  Salvatore DeCicco  Henry DeCicco  Annie DeCicco  Louise DeCicco 

Marion DeCicco  Joseph DeCicco  Frances DeCicco


Lived in New Bedford, Mass.

Occupation:Baker-Giusti Baking Company

Military Service: WWII Army Enlistment Record

Buried: Sacred Heart Cemetery, New Bedford, Mass.


1930 US Census

Obituary-New Bedford Standard Times

3 thoughts on “John James DeCicco

  1. Uncle Johnny survived Operation Tiger during World War II. Operation Tiger was a practice run for the D-Day invasion in France. The Germans found out about it and attack the deploymnet soldiers, alot of soldiers were killed during the exercise. (We should research this further)

  2. Did you every hear him tell any stories about it or about his time in the military? I’ll see if I can find any books or articles on Operation Tiger.

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