John Eastman

John Eastman– Born possibly between 1750-1765-Unknown

Born: Connecticut

FatherJoseph Eastman  Mother: Phebe Hendricks

Married: Anna Kimball         


Apolus Eastman  William Eastman  Theron Eastman  Levi Eastman 

John Eastman Malintha Eastman  Lucy Eastman  Anna Eastman


Hezekiah Eastman  Nathaniel Eastman  Joseph Eastman  Peter Eastman  Abraham Dayton Eastman  Experience Eastman  Phebe Eastman

Lived in ?

Occupation: Unknown

Buried: Unknown

Notes: According to Guy Rix’s History and Genealogy of the Eastman Family (page 202), John was born in Connecticut, moved to Charlestown, New Hampshire before moving to northwest Ohio where he died.

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