Grace Lewis (1889-1967)

Grace Lewis– June 1889-July 23, 1967

Born: Ohio.

FatherStephen Cary Mother: Katie Hammer

Married: Fred Lewis


Byron Lewis – Janet Lewis – Roy Lewis – Merle Lewis – Dorothy Lewis


Ruth Lucille Cary Wade Cary –  Frank CaryMonroe Cary

Lived in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio circa 1900, Plain City, Ohio circa 1920; Columbus, Ohio circa 1930; Trumbull County Ohio circa 1967.


Buried: ?


1900 US Census1920 US Census1930 US Census

Application for Letters of Administration

Additional Sources

Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002. Ohio. Division of Vital Statistics.


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