George Huston

George Huston– August 30, 1841- September 27, 1927

Born: Ohio

FatherThomas Huston  Mother: Mary Blasure

MarriedElizabeth Stull, February 25, 1864


Arvel Huston  Martha Huston  Jasper Huston  Cora Huston  Alva Huston  Verta Huston  Spencer Huston  Infant Huston (male)  Infant Huston (male)


Henry Huston  Thomas Huston  William Huston  Mary Huston  Jamison Huston 

Martin V. Huston  Mariah Huston Huldah Huston  David Huston  Isaac Huston


Lived in Milton Township Jackson Ohio circa 1850-1865; Vinton Ohio circa 1880-1920.

Occupation: Farmer; Laborer-Odd jobs.

Buried: Radcliffe, Ohio.


1850 US Census  1860 US Census  1880 US Census 

1900 US Census  1910 US Census  1920 US Census

Death Certificate

5 thoughts on “George Huston

  1. Looking at the death certificate of George and the mother’s maiden name looks to be a z instead of an s-Polly (nick name?) Blazure

  2. I think I have seen that website before. I have been looking at other geneologies but it is sometimes hard to figure out where people got their info or they are just guessing. Incidentally, I am working on updating the site to include my citations. I should have done that from the beginning.

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