Frances Ramey

Frances  Ramey— February 10, 1851-June 19, 1910

Also Known As: Frances Cordial; Frances Cordle; Fanny

Born: Raccoon Creek, Lawrence County, Kentucky

Father: Jerimiah H. Cordial Mother:  ?

Married: William Ramey




Lucy J. Ramey  Jane Ramey  Malinda Ellen Ramey  Hansford Jerry Ramey

William Russell Ramey  Lidda Belle Ramey  Elizabeth Ramey  Jesse Ramey 

Carrie Ramey  James Isaac Ramey

Lived in Lawrence County Kentucky.

Occupation: Keeping House.

Buried: Ramey Branch, Lawrence County Kentucky.


1860 US Census   1870 US Census  1880 US Census  1910 US Census


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