Edward Cary (1866-1937)

Edward Cary — April 22, 1866-September 3, 1937

Born: Ohio.

Father: Isaac Carey Mother: Paulina Penellan

Married: Did not marry.


Martha A. Cary –  Stephen Cary –  Minerva Carey

Ella Captola Cary –  Charles Wadsworth Carey –  Robert Cary

Lived in Washington Township, Franklin County Ohio, ca. 1870; Cannan Township, Madison County Ohio circa 1880-1920.

Occupation: Laborer, Farmer.

Buried: Forest Grove Cemetery; Plain City, Ohio.


1870 US Census1880 US Census 1900 US Census1920 US Census

Death Certificate

Notes: 1870 US Census lists Edward as Elizabeth; 1880 US Census lists Edward as Elsworth.

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