Dutton’s Hill, KY; March 30, 1863

March 30TH, 1863

Dutton’s Hill, KY., March 30, 1863. 1st Kentucky and 7th
Ohio Cavalry, 45th Ohio and Detachment of 44th Ohio Mounted
Infantry. While in pursuit of Pegram in his expedition into
Kentucky, Brig.Gen. Q. A. Gillmore developed a Confederate
force strongly posted on Dutton’s Hill, 3 Miles North of
Somerset. A Section of Rodman rifled guns and 4 mountain
howitzers were placed in the center, the rest of the force
being deployed on the right and left. The fight opened with
artillery firing at 12:30 p.m., a column of mounted
Confederates at the same time moving out to attack the Union
right. The 45th and a portion of the 7th Ohio then stormed
the Hill, carried the enemy’s position there, and as soon as
this height was taken the detachment of the 7th Ohio swept
around and attacked in the rear the mounted force which was
pressing the Union right. The result was a complete route,
the enemy fleeing in confusion down two roads towards the
fords of the Cumberland River. The Federal loss did not
exceed 30 in killed, wounded and missing. The Confederate
loss was heavier, especially in prisoners.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 5

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