DeCicco Family

Pasquale DeCicco

Vincenzo DeCicco

Patsy DeCiccoSalvatore DeCiccoHenry DeCiccoJohn James DeCicco

Annie DeCiccoLouise DeCicco – Marion DeCicco – Joseph DeCicco – Frances DeCicco

David DeCicco – Janice DeCicco – Richard DeCicco

Jessica Rae DeCicco

Alice Ramey DeCicco-Carey


DeCicco Family Story by Michael J. DeCicco, 2005

12 thoughts on “DeCicco Family

  1. Rosanna its Incorrect her name was Rose Angela
    Patsy was his nickname his given name was Pasquale
    Annie was her American name her given name was Conchetta
    Louise was her American name her given name was Louiselle
    Joseph was his American name his given was Joseppi

    Also if the names above were suppose to be put in birth order you have it wrong.

  2. I’ve got those names, I just haven’t updated all of them yet. You shoulld be able to click on some of the names for more information about them. Which for some of them isn’t very much. If you have anything you want to add feel free to do in in the comment fields on their pages.

    I know she went by Rose Angela but in the census records she gave Rosanna as her name. Also in some of the New Bedford city directories she is listed as Rose or Rosanna.

  3. Hi Guys
    Here’s what I got:
    Pasquale & Concetta Decicco (Vincenzo’s parents)

    Vincenzo Decicco, Sept. 21, 1888 – Feb. 28, 1972
    Rosangella (Solamita) Decicco, Nov. 25, 1897 – Dec. 11, 1968
    Rosangella was Vincenzo’s 2nd wife also was his 2nd cousin

    First wife’s sons:
    Pasquale Decicco, May 28, 1910 – Nov.
    May Decicco, May 30, 1914 – ?

    Henry Decicco, Dec. 18, 1912
    Alice, May ?

    2nd wifes’s sons & daughters:
    John Decicco, Dec. 15, 1917 – ?
    Yvonne (Landry), May 17, 1916 – ?

    Annie (Concetta) Decicco, April 11, 1919 – Oct. 30, 1993

    Louisa Decicco, Feb. 8 1921 – Nov. 20 1991

    Marion (Decicco) Patterson, April 27, 1923
    Clive Patterson, Oct. 17, 1922 – ?
    Gary – Aug. 29, 1950
    Peter – Oct. 5, 1956

    Salvatore Decicco, July 8, 1925 Nov. 14 1981
    (you know the rest)

    Joseph Decicco, Nov. 24, 1927 – Dec. 8, 1973
    Florence, Dec. 1928 – ?
    Diane, ?

    Frances (Decicco) Desmarais, May 7, 1936 – Nov. 25, 2004
    Paul Tisserant Desmarais, Dec. 17, 1928 – June 21, 1981
    Paul Jr., July 23, 1958 – June 23, 1975
    James, May 19, 1960 – June 11, 1995
    Rosemary (Desmarais) Barao Feb. 13, 1962
    Norman Barao ?
    Madison Oct. 27, 1993
    Nikolas ?
    Samatha ?
    Robert (Me) April 23, 1964

    I’m sure I could come up with some more, I just thought I would give you the names and dates that I had first.


  4. I was told by my family that my great grandmother Maria DeCicco was born in Pratella but the ommune found no record. She left Italy for Boston in about 1900-1904 and married Antonio Ceruolo. Any clues as to another town or if my ancestor may be related to this DeCicco family. Her parents family names were Mauro and Lamagna.


    • It is probably a different Maria DeCicco since she wasn’t born a DeCicco. Though I’m not sure where she was from.

  5. Hey guys! Just trying to help with the update, i’m doing this huge family project in college and this was really helpful so thanks Kyle and Jess for doing all of this!

    btw to reply to Robby’s comment from earlier
    Norman Barao Jr. Sept 26 1953
    **Nicholas Joseph Desmarais Barao May 5th 1999
    Samantha Lane Barao May 1st 2003

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