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About UA History:

The streets were well lighted, and there was no fear. Most families didn’t even lock their doors when they went away for short periods. Robberies were so rare; nobody worried about that possibility. As the kids walked along the streets, they would wave to policemen Frank and Wade Cary as they drove by on their motorcycle (with sidecar attached), knowing they were always nearby if needed.”

Resident Services/Police Division 80th Anniversary:

Division Highlights and Milestones
1921 – UA’s first official police officer was Ben Thompson.
1927 – The UA Police Department was established with Mr. J. M. Baugh as marshall. He later resigned to be the high school teacher and coach.
1929Mr. Wade Cary was appointed as deputy marshal.
1932Frank Cary was appointed as police chief.
1932 – Police headquarters were moved from the “Village” Building at Miller Park to the new municipal building on Arlington Ave.
1935 – Receiving units on the Columbus Police frequency were installed in two police cruisers.
1948 – Albert A. Morton was appointed as the new police chief.
1950s – Police cruisers were painted black.
1954 – A radio communication system was purchased.
1957 – A Juvenile Bureau was established. During this period, Officer Roy Thomas directed much of the growth and planning for a more effective Police Division.
1960s – Police cruisers were changed to a black and white design.
1963 – Captain Roy Thomas became the new chief.
1963 – The Detective Bureau was formed to provide more thorough follow-up on investigations of incidents, court appearances, crime scene investigations, etc.
1969 – Police cruisers were changed to a pale blue.
1971 – Safety Town was established.
1975 – “D” Company, which rotates “street” men in the Detective Bureau and provides staff in stress areas, was integrated into the daily routine to complement the patrol force, detective and juvenile bureaus.
1975 – Joan Colley was appointed as police community service coordinator, the first position held by a woman in the division.
1975 – Officers were now required to take 240 hours of basic training before assuming their post (where previously there was none).
1977 – Ken Borror assumed the role of police chief.
1978 – Police cruisers changed to a darker blue.
1985 – Thomas J. Kulp became police chief.
1988 – Pumpkin Patrol was established to ensure the safety of trick-or-treaters on Beggar’s Night.
1989 – The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program began in UA schools. D.A.R.E. educates students in 5th and 8th grades.
1990s – Police cruisers were all white, but over time received more complex graphics in order to stand out as police cars.
1993 – The division attained its first accreditation.
1994 – The division launched a bike patrol.
1995 – Dwight Holcomb assumed the role of police chief.
2005 – Brian Quinn was appointed as the division’s present day police chief.
2006 – The Citizen Police Academy was launched. Students go behind the scenes for a hands-on learning experience of law enforcement, such as crime scene investigations, crime prevention tips, defensive tactics, firearms safety and training, patrol tactics and traffic stop practices.
2007 – Police cruisers were re-designed to celebrate the division’s pending anniversary, emulating the traditional and distinctive look of police vehicles, with new black and gold graphics.
2007 – As of April, the required number of hours for successful completion of peace officer basic training is 558 hours.

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