Betty Lee Decker (1926-2000)

Betty Lee Decker– May 6, 1926-February 4, 2000

Also Known As: Betty Lee Nuber

Father: Charles Frederick Nuber Mother: Hattie Burton

Born: Columbus, Ohio.

Married: Otho Decker.


Patty Decker – Daniel Decker – Keith Decker – Otho Decker, Jr. – Rebecca Decker


Earl F. NuberCharles Donald Nuber – Clara Belle Nuber –

Robert H. Nuber – Donna Nuber

Lived in Columbus, Ohio; Grove City Ohio.

Occupation: None.

Buried: Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio; New Cemetery (1946) Section 08, Lot 14, Space 3.


1930 US Census

Obituary – The Columbus Dispatch

Additional Sources

Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002. Ohio. Division of Vital Statistics.

Union Cemetery Association, Burials on the Web;

Social Security Death Index.

2 thoughts on “Betty Lee Decker (1926-2000)

  1. Hattie’s maiden name was not Burtas it was Burton, also her siblings Charles and Donald were two different children not one. I know this information because I am Betty’s granddaughter I also have seen the newspaper clippings of Donald’s drowning in the Scioto River that my Great Grandmother Hattie had kept an my Grandmother Betty had in her possesion until the day she died. Hattie had a few other children also that I hadn’t heard much about they were infants an died at birth I am sorry but I do not know their names.

  2. Thanks for the info Shannon. I got Burtas from Donald’s death certificate. I made the correction. It does say his name was Charles Donald on the certificate. Could there have been another child named Charles or Donald?

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