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Welcome to the DeCicco-Carey family tree. DeCicco-Carey is a combination of my wife’s name (DeCicco) and my surname (Carey). I am attempting to trace back the various family names and share it with our families.

I had originally started this site as a way to quickly share the research I had been uncovering but as things progressed the format I had been using became confusing and difficult to navigate. In addition, the sources I used hadn’t always been clear or up to date. I am working on updating the information I had previously posted to this site into a MacFamilyTree which at some point I will post to this site. The old version of this site can be found here. Also, any information I had previous posted about individuals can be accessed through the Index of Names.

In the meantime I’ll give updates and post photos and other interesting finds on the blog. I encourage anyone that wants to tell stories, share information or contribute missing or incorrect information about anyone on this site to do so. I would love to hear from anyone who is related!  I can be reached at kp_carey [at] yahoo.com.


6 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Roderick Huston, Rodney Huston, and Barbara Huston are missing under children of Alice Collins and Eunice Huston.

    My dad was Roderick “Rocky” J. Huston born Ohio Nov. 9, 1934 and died of lung caner Oct. 2, 1989 (Rodney’s twin, son of Alice Collins and Otto Huston) he retired from the Army in 1975 and became a resident of San Antonio, TX. I would like to know how we can link info about him and his children. He Married Annick T. Jeannel born Paris, France February 6, 1935, they had 9 children: Roderick J. Huston Jr. (he was born Daniel George, but later wanted to be Roderick so my parents had his name changed), Elisa Jean Huston, Sabina Alice Huston (after Rocky’s Mom Alice Collins-Huston and Annick’s mom Alice Monard-Jeannel), Cecilia R. Huston, Regina H. Huston (God brought her home Nov. 9, 2005, my dad’d birthday, age 42 car accident), Remy J. Huston, Corinna R. Huston, Angelica M. Huston, and Melinda M. Huston.

    How do I send you pictures?

  2. Hi,I’d love some photos of the Sagraves if you have them, I also have some unidentified I think are Sagraves. My G-grandmother was Virgie Stevens, dtr. of Amanda Sagraves and James Buchanan Stevens.(Amanda was Greenville’s dtr)

  3. Sue, I just sent you an email. I don’t have much info on the Sagraves but could Amanda be Alamander on my Sagraves page? Or did Greenville have a second marriage?

  4. My father Robert Ballard was a Sgt for the Upper Arlington Police Department in 50s. I have a photo of him in his cruiser would love to see more pics or any old articles pertaining to my dad would be great.

      • Kyle, My grandmother, Lena Francis McCann Woods Cary was Wade Cary’s last wife until he died. He married her and she had 4 daughters by her first husband, Meredith Woods. They divorced. He stayed in Arizona and she moved back to Upper Arlington to live at her sister’s home. Her daughters names are Shirley, Patricia, Marjorie and Sandy. My mother is Patricia or Pat. She met my father who was an Upper Arlington policeman, who knew both Wade and Frank Cary. As he would stop by Wade’s house he became acquainted with my mom, Pat. They married in 1957 and I was born in ’58. As a matter of fact, I came home from the hospital to my grandpa Wade’s and grandma’s house. He died in ’62 and I remember going to Forest Grove cemetery to plant grass seed on his grave in the spring. Grandma remarried later and moved to Arizona. I believe she died around 2006. I’m not sure. Funny thing is, her name is engraved next to Wades on his marker. But she’s not there. Both my parents have since died. Dad. 2004 and mom 2013. My dad’s name is Charles “Tug” Bishop and mom is Pat Bishop. She and my Aunt Sandy lived with Wade the longest. Grandma Lena had no children with him. Some facts need clarified. Thanks By the way, I’m the oldest of eight children and moved to South Carolina in ’89. I have sisters and a brother in the Plain City/Marysville, Ohio area, where Wade and Frank were from. Thanks again.

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